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Our latest feat…Introducing the Robotic Vacuum.

We’ve helped some of the EU’s biggest names in Hospitality transform their approach to room cleaning, whilst maintaining guest experience. Get in touch to learn more.

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Some of our projects

Our work is carried out under NDA and so unfortunately we can't shout from the roof tops about it - Get in touch if you would like to learn more.

Following a comprehensive testing phase, we’ve deployed robotic vacuums across the EU for a range of hospitality clients, from Business case to full rollout.

Using ozonated technology, we’ve transformed the way some hospitality brands clean their rooms, ensuring the highest cleaning standards are achieved whilst significantly reducing cost. Ozonated technology is here to stay!


WFM – Our team has deployed a range of workforce management systems across a variety of industries covering inception, tendering, supplier selections, system config, testing and rollout.

Cost Reduction – Our bread & butter. We’ve led cost reduction programmes for some of the UK’s biggest FTSE100 clients, covering both back office functions and customer facing environments.

Software upgrades – We’ve worked with a range of clients, most recently deploying Salesforce CRM globally for a multinational retailer.


Observation Studies – We craft bespoke recipes to observe colleagues and processes. We use this to develop powerful insights to help develop the right strategies for your growing business.

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AT TAMC, we identify better ways to lead and manage transformation.

We’ve achieved this with some of the biggest Organisations by
developing well rounded strategies and leaner operations whilst maintaining colleague engagement scores. 

We are real people with a deep understating of Strategy, Operations, People and Change. Using our expertise, we’ve helped Organisations transform their business and achieve incredible results – from small-medium organisations looking to stay afloat in today’s challenging markets to large internationals looking to redefine their industry.  We do this using calculated approaches and propriety frameworks that we’ve developed and honed over the years. Our processes live within your existing governance structure yet we are able to employ new and novel approaches to identify waste, hidden gems and new revenue streams.

Transformation, one of the most used buzz words of the last decade, is also one of the least understood and at TAMC we see that as an opportunity.



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